Zarsha Leo Hits the Inner Harbor

Baltimore has recently gotten a new addition to the line-up of bars and restaurants along the Inner Harbor and it’s setting tongues wagging. Zarsha Leo, a restaurant-bar franchise based in NYC has recently set down roots in Baltimore. While their glittery exterior and their rows of flat-screen television sets don’t set them apart from any of the other restaurants or bars around, CEO Evan Burschkopf explains that they are in a different class.

As Burschkopf said at the opening, “We understand that Baltimore has its own flavor and needs and we plan to meet those. We will be featuring an artist from Baltimore each month at Zarsha Leo and will also have an athlete of the month coming to join us on Sunday nights.”

We’ll have to wait and see if it takes off – and if Burschkopf’s promises will ring true with the crows in Baltimore.