YogaWorks Buys Charm City Yoga

Charm City Yoga has just been bought by California-based YogaWorks. Charm City is owned by Kim Manfredi and Chris Blades. They opened their first studio in 2000 and have, subsequently opened other locations in Baltimore and the surrounding counties.

As Blades said, “For the last nine months or so, we’ve been trying to think how Kim and I could grow the business. We felt that we were kind of at the limit of what we could do without revolutionizing our business.”

Phil Swain, the CEO of YogaWorks, said that buying Charm City Yoga made sense as it helps YogaWorks to facilitate their growth.

As Swain said, “I think it was geographically a good strategy as we grow on the East Coast to kind of connect the dots,” Swain said, adding the studios’ philosophies aligned, too.

Those who already go to Charm City Yoga should know that the studios will now we rebranded with the YogaWorks name. They will add classes, but try to keep many of the same teachers.