WOW Airline is WOWing in Baltimore

WOW, a new airline, has been catching the attention of Baltimore travelers. They will serve BWI five days a week with a route from BWI-Reykjavik, Iceland starting on May 8 with tickets as low as $99. CEO Skúli Mogensen said, “Hopefully what we will see is even more frequency to BWI. It’s premature to be definite about this.”

The airline started with its first flights from Boston in March and BWI is only its second airport it is serving.  Mogensen’s plan is to capture the hearts and pocketbook of customers who don’t mind flying through Iceland in order to save some money. WOW’s passenger list should grow from 500,000 from last year’s accounting, to 750,000 for this year. They project that it will grow to 1.2 million by 2016.

As the airport’s chief executive, Paul J. Wiedefeld, said about WOW: “It basically brings us the opportunity to tap into a whole new part of the market. They’re very aggressive, very forward-thinking. I think they’re going to do very good things here.”

Into the future, WOW hopes to add two more year-round destinations in Europe and two or three year-round North American destinations. The airline currently has 250 employees and six planes.