Subscription Boxes are Booming in Baltimore

Happiest Little Baker, a new Baltimore-based subscription box, is having some success with the younger crowd. The idea is that a package of surprise dessert recipes arrives at their doorstep. It includes pre-measured ingredients needed to bake one item.

Founders Lindsey and Mike Maurath have designed the boxes to bring families together for quality time in the kitchen.

As Kreckel said, “It’s a really cool idea for kids who sort of love to do things in the kitchen. It’s a fun way to do something with them that takes little effort.”

Subscription boxes have been taking off in Baltimore with the wine-of-the-month clubs, the fruit-of-the-month choices and more. Some already standing businesses have launched the subscription boxes as a way to enhance their already-existing sales, and some companies are doing this as an entirely new venture.

One company, for instance, Mallow Crunchies, is a rice crispy treat maker. They started their subscription boxes on Black Friday, offering a three-month minimum subscription period for customers who want to be part of their Mallow of the Month Club. Subscriptions begin at $25 a month and each box has either six Mallow Crunches or three bags of Mallow Softies.

As Nikki Lewis, owner of Mallow Crunchies, explained “I’ve seen different companies do it and do it successfully, and I think it’s such a good source of revenue that a lot of people haven’t tapped into. We are always looking for ways to grow our online business and until the subscription box it was just a one-time sale.”