Not Business as Usual During the Snow

Certainly, businesses take a beating when the snow starts to pile up, and this is what Baltimore recently experienced. The one area where businesses do seem to still be booming during the storms is the bars. As Taryn Williams at the Blue Agave said, “Business has been pretty consistent. The neighborhood has been supporting a lot of the restaurants around here, which we appreciate because it brings money to us as well. Everyone is out drinking, eating and just having a good time while they have some time off.”

Most businesses were certainly closed during the storm – but those that serve food and drink were smart to stay open. As Williams said, “As long as you can trek through the snow and have some snow boots. If you can get here, we’ll serve you.”

Most businesses are now hoping to get back to business as usual. Certainly, tax preparers, who are starting their busy season, are hoping that the parking spots in front of their businesses will soon reappear and that they can reschedule the appointments that were missed as the snow fell.