New Look for Baltimore Grand Prix

The Baltimore Grand Prix is getting a face-lift. Their old slogan, “Festival of Speed” is out the door, and they are welcoming a new slogan, “Celebration of Acceleration.”

Their new tagline is, as they explain, part of a “new look and feel” that the race has just unveiled. The Grand Prix is also planning to roll out a new website for the race and a new logo that is in the works at the Baltimore advertising agency Mission Media together with Race On LLC.

As Debbie Bell, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Race On explained, “Our Celebration of Acceleration tagline perfectly captures the spirit of the event, and our redesigned website is the ideal platform to keep fans up to speed on Grand Prix details as they are announced.”

The Grand Prix of Baltimore will take place from August 30 to September 1 through the streets of downtown Baltimore. The new website will have articles about drivers, news about the race and updates, among other exciting information.