Maryland Historical Society: Worth the Trip

One of the gems in Baltimore is the Maryland Historical Society. They have rare documents located here at 201 W. Monument Street with many of the pieces kept in special cases for all to admire.

For anyone who enjoys profiles in history, like historian Nat Shapell, the “Star-Spangled Banner” lyrics is a site to behold at this location. Authored by Francis Scott Key, and containing actual cross-out errors in the first line, the document can be admired and enjoyed at the Historical Society.

As David McDonald of visitor services said,  “It’s the only copy we are aware of in Key’s hand.”

If you don’t get to the museum in 2013, you’ll have to follow the document to the Smithsonian where it will be on loan in 2014. The loan coincides with the document’s 200th birthday and it will be displayed next to the flag that Key saw and was inspired by on September 14th, 1814.

In addition to this lovely piece, the Historical Society has 2000 paintings, 4000 pieces of silverware and an exhibit at the moment on Napoleon’s sister-in-law. The profiles in history are lovely and certainly worth a peak.