Marcus Starzel Starts as CEO at MediaGlu

Marcus Startzel is the new CEO at MediaGlu. He comes there after spending five years at Millennial Media where he was the chief revenue officer.

MediaGlu launched in 2009 with the goal of telling advertisers more information about where people are viewing their digital ads. They developed mapping technology that allows advertisers to track users across their devices. As Startzel said,

“I have a deep belief that mobile advertising is successful for brands. MediaGlu has a way to quantify that.”

Rather than continuing marketing their mapping services to advertisers, MediaGlu plans to focus on targeting other ad tech companies. As Startzel said, “We’re building this and believe we can be the independent player who delivers it so the entire ecosystem that can use it.”

So far the company has been self-funded but Startzel is eyeing the idea of a fundraising round.