Lost Ark Distilling Co. Starting Up in Maryland

Brad Blackwell and Andy Debenham recently signed a lease for a 4500 square foot production space at 9385 Washington Blvd in Laurel. rather than brewing, they are distilling. As they explained,  “The beer scene right now is so crowded we’d have to spend so much money to get our product to compete for shelf space.”

Lost Ark Distilling Co. has been in the planning stages for a year. The co-founders researched for months before starting their venture. Now, they expect Lost Ark Distilling Co. to produce 2500 to 3000 cases of run and whiskey. They hope to have a grand opening in September.

As Blackwell said, “Maryland used to be famous for rye whiskey, and we want to be known for that too. We don’t want to taste like Kentucky bourbon, we want to taste like here.”