Jewish Communities Support Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Jewish organizations across the East Coast are rallying behind the Hurricane Sandy victims. They are providing emergency appliances such as flashlights, batteries, freezers and even generators, as well as offering law-related services and cleanup staffs.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York has begun working on insurance issues, helping storm victims rebuild their lives, according to Emergency Committee of the Jewish Federations of North America Chair Cheryl Fishbein.

“We’re pulling together, recognizing that people have really been demolished,” she said. “The entire community- religious, not religious, left to right, Chabad and secular, synagogues, organizations- everybody is under the tent, a tent that stretches as big as it can possibly be. People need to know we’re out there, checking on one another, making sure everyone is safe.”

Alex Budnitsky, Executive Director of Marks Jewish Community House, added:

“I applaud the efforts of the volunteers of the community. The response is unprecedented. People of all ages from all over Brooklyn have given their time, energy, knowledge, language skills and more to make sure care is taken of everybody from seniors to kids.”

Many Jewish organizations from outside New York sent teams to help residents and small businesses get back on their feet in city’s vicinity. Frank Storch arrived from Baltimore, bringing with him volunteers from The Chesed Fund and CERT, as well as five truckloads of emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries and 120 generators. Many other groups teamed up to form the Emergency Sandy Chesed. Managed by Chevra Hatzalah, the effort includes the local Hatzolah groups, Shomrim, Misaskim, Chaverim and more.