Frank Storch Authors Keep Your School Safe Guide

Many businesses in the Baltimore area look at the bottom line and at the profit margin. Some people and businesses, however, are more concerned about helping others, and this is true for Frank Storch. The founder of The Chesed Fund and Project Ezra of Greater Baltimore Inc., Frank Storch is a Security Consultant and Coordinator for CERT in Baltimore. He is also, most recently, the author of a guide to help Jewish schools to review and tighten their security measures.

This guide, called Keep Your School Safe, will be sent to all Jewish schools in North America in the near future. It is a comprehensive guide that allows schools to evaluate which safety measures they already have in place and which they should be added. It can be downloaded for free online and offers an easy-to-use audit and step-by-step safety measures that schools can implement.

As Frank Storch explains in an introduction to the guide, “We were all shocked by the horrific tragedy that took place in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This incident, along with the more recent Boston Marathon terror attack, calls attention to our schools’ crucial responsibility to protect our children.

Based on over 35 years of hands-on safety and security consulting experience, and my role as Coordinator of the Northern Park Heights CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), I believe that every school can benefit from re-evaluating and updating its safety and security measures. This is due to the constantly changing nature of outside threats, the increasing availability of new equipment and methods, and the need for staff and students to be up to date on their safety and security training. In this light, I present this “Keep Your School Safe” guide.”