Education Tech Company Relocates from NY to Baltimore

In an interesting move, Citelighter is moving from New York to Baltimore and joining a growing group of education technology companies. Saad Alam, the education tech company’s CEO and the co-founder already made the move in October. The other five New York employees will be following him to Baltimore in either February or March.

Alam and his co-founder Lee Jokl explain that they are moving as a result of the attraction of Baltimore’s education tech companies and in the hopes that investors in Baltimore will be interested in putting money in them.

As Alam said, while at a meeting in Baltimore to pitch his company to the Baltimore Angels group, “They’re creating a community that is changing the face of Baltimore. Something very special is happening here in Baltimore.”

The Citelighter focus is on a technology that allows students to organize and access materials for writing papers. Their technology also enables teachers to track student progress before they turn in their work. They currently have 12 employees, including some who work remotely and won’t be relocating. They have already attracted $850,000 in funding from angel investors in their first round of funding. They are currently in the middle of their second capital raise to bring in another $1.2 million.