CaliBurger Comes to Maryland

If you love burgers, you’re in for another great treat in Maryland. CaliBurger is now planning to open another 10 franchises in the state. They have forged a franchise agreement with local operator Goel Management LLC for the 10 spots.

CaliBurger is only, now, opening a US headquarters in Washington DC. And the franchise openings will follow after this launch of the corporate-owned location in DC.

As Sumeet Goel, president of Goel Management, said “We wanted to take a position in the growing premium burger market with a brand that stands out among its competitors based on the value proposition; CaliBurger provides the highest quality product we have tried at a meaningful price discount to its competitors. We see an opportunity to complete low-cost conversions of existing locations being used by other premium burger concepts that have been unable to scale due to their much higher price points.”

CaliBurger serves customers in Asia and the Middle East. Maryland will now be pleased to join the fun.