Baltimore Home to Endless Charities

Baltimore, Maryland, is a community rich in charitable organizations, ranging from Jewish efforts to a local Ronald McDonald House.

The latter, which provides a source of love, hope and respite for to critically ill children and their families, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this coming week. To acknowledge their dedication to the cause, the event will honor the Paterakis Family and McDonald’s with a Spirit of Children Award.

Marna Dahan, a mother who coped with a critically ill 12-year-old daughter, wrote:

“I wanted to just let you know how much Briele and I appreciate this ‘home’ and your staff as well as the volunteers and other family. This stay at the RMH makes it possible for us and other families to get through some difficult times with some smiles and laughs along the way. I am sure you know this, but your entire staff is wonderful here and very dedicated to what they do…”

Many other organizations work to improve on the community as well. The Chesed Fund, a Jewish organization founded by Frank Storch, aims to provide better emergency care and crisis response in the area. When the massive thunderstorms broke over Baltimore earlier this year, the organization’s volunteers provided heat, water, flashlights and even emergency generators to support medical needs. They also provided transportation and road-clearing services, so that ambulances and other urgently-needed vehicles could travel unhindered.

Other major charities in the city include Catholic Charities of Baltimore, Combined Charity Campaign, Ahavas Yisrael Charity Fund and many others.