Baltimore Benefiting from Super Bowl Fever

Certainly, Super Bowl Sunday is good for business. But even the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday are good for business if you’re a business in the town where one of the teams hails.

And this is exactly what Baltimore businesses are finding at the moment, as the Baltimore Ravens prepare for kickoff.

Mother’s Federal Hill Grille, for instance, has seen a 30-50% increase in business during the Raven’s three playoff games. Owner Dave Rather said that the rise is mostly due to customers buying celebration drinks. As Rather said,  “The Ravens games are the busiest days all year long, so the playoffs are like having your busiest day four times over,” Rather said.

Alcohol distribution companies are also doing better. As Angelo Picillo, a rep for the Republic National Distributing Company said, “I’m making a lot more money this month. I’m up 50 percent from last year… We’re just killing it.” The most popular product Picillo is selling? Purple Three Olives Vodka.

Xavier Dandridge, manager of The Sports Shop in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, also said that his sales on clothing have been up. With Ray Lewis retiring after this year’s Super Bowl, Dandridge said that his jerseys have been “flying off the shelf.”